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Party Ideas For 90\\\\’s Kids

On September 27, 2017, Posted by , In Arts & Design, With Comments Off on Party Ideas For 90\\\\’s Kids


90’s is hands down one of the memorable decades of all times; its fashion has not left us yet, they come back in trend one after the other – be it chokers, bodysuits or cute little overalls, the sparkles and splashes of neon, and its music still rules a generous portion of our playlists, it sure is pure nostalgia even when you hear it blaring from a speaker in a shopping mall, or all of a sudden Spice Girls come on the radio unexpectedly. We still have crushes on Backstreet Boys and no one, I mean no one will ever replace the feels Westlife gave us.

If you were born and raised in this decade of awesomeness you probably are still young and ready to dance the night away to Ice Ice Baby. Well after a fair amount of booze and fun that is. Let’s see how to throw a party that’ll transport you back in time.

Star Wars party

We all know what a hype it was when Star Wars came out back then in ’99, we all wanted posters and figures and it was all the gossip at school lunch time. And 90’s was anyway pretty keen on this whole space scene. Remember Space Cases? Oh yes. Get everybody to dress up in gaudy-silvery space attire or buy great t shirt design Australia. Decorate the walls and the ceiling with DIY foil spaceships and Styrofoam planets and lights, you’ll be right in the middle of a Cosmo jam.

90’s club scene party.

Ask all the boys and girls to dress up as their favorite 90’s pop icon, band member, model or movie star. This will be a very stylish approach to the party even on invitations because hey, we all know that with the funky cuts, the bling, those low-rise jeans and sexy ensembles you can go crazy with 90’s fashion. Girls can keep an eye out for bright casual cuts and yes a lot of lip gloss and sleek hair or long braids, while the boys can be all comfy and cool in something baggy you picked up from a 80’s t shirts online Australia and controversial low hanging pants. Maybe throw on a jacket and a bandana too and you’ll be all fresh.

90’s movie character costume party.

Now this just screams “excitement”! We all know how many legendary movies were released in this decade because it would be a lie if you said that you don’t resort to one of those classics on a late Friday eve with munchies. From Terminator to Braveheart to Pulp Fiction to the Addams Family; there are so many iconic and fascinating characters to recreate. Never a dull moment when you’re a 90’s kid.